Hi, I'm Mason!

I’m racing for the Zappi Holdsworth Team for the 2019 season.
In the 2018 season I had a great year with my best results being winning the Monmouthshire Junior Grand Prix (National Series) then taking the National Series title along with this. Also coming third in the Junior or Axel which is said to be one of the most prestigious Junior Tour Stage races on the calendar. Here I was also 3rd on the Queen Stage. As well as this I won the GA Bennett National B race (Elite/ 1 2).  Coming 3rd at the Junior Tour of the Basque Country.  Then finishing 2nd x 2, 3rd and 4th on the stages. Coming 4th at the Junior Tour of Wales and 3rd on the Queen Stage. I came 6th at the Trophio Buffoni.  I also raced in-the World Championships where I finished 20th.



Monte Urano

8th Elite Italian National


Valle d’Aosta

(Pictured third wheel)


M Y  S P O N S O R S